Huzhou Baohua stainless steel Co., Ltd., a Sino-Foreign Joint Venture enterprise, is joint by Changxing Qiangyong stone Co., Ltd and Sino-British Huzhou XinYaohua stainless steel Co., Ltd. It covers an area of 20000 square meters, and the first invest reaches 16 million US dollars. The company is located in an industrial zone in Heping town, Changxin, Huzhou, where is in the economic circle of Yangtze River Delta,with 11 province highways, 104 national highway and Hang-Ning freeway around. Baohua is enjoying a superior geography and convenient transportation and spacious modern factory buildings, all of which are animating the environment in and out! The company has been insisting on the standard from authoritative organizations such as GB、HG、SH、ASTM、DIN、JIS、ISO. Each year it produces different standards of stainless steel welded pipe 10000 tons, and seamless tube 5000tons. The products are widely applied to many industries such as petroleum industry, chemical engineering, medicine, paper plant, shipbuilding industry, provisions, nuclear power, ammunition industry. Baohua has imported nine assembly lines of stainless steel welded pipe, a set of medium, heavy caliber stainless steel welded pipeline, and has applied different test methods to test the finished products, concluding eddy current test, supersonic inspection, spectrum analysis instrument. The upper managers of the company care about the quality first and put a rigid management on production and other aspects of the company, and have 3 senior engineers, 11 engineers, 30 technicians employed to check the quality and guide the production. Baohua has perfect quality management system and all the products have been already certified by ISO 9001: 2000, CQM, LRQA, PED etc.
    We hope more and more distributors and vendors will come to visit our factory and cooperate with us in the next years and try to win the mutual profits by close cooperation. We guarantee that we will constantly provide you with our best services, superior quality all the time.
COPYRIGHT 2008 Huzhou Baohua Stainless Steel Tube Co.,Ltd
Address: Huada industrial zone Heping Town Changxin city Zhejiang province
TEL:86-572-6970883 6971588 FAX:86-572-6970887   DESIGN:LU-DING
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